Pandora's Box Mixed Pack

Pandora's Box Mixed Pack

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This pack is by far our most versatile pack, offering good value and a wide range of fireworks. The Pandora's Box can also be supplemented with fireworks from the rest of the range to create a more intense display. The Tigercat 9 is an excellent rocket pack to complement this selection pack.

2 Eruption candle pots each firing 300 shots
2 75mm mines
1 Satan's Polar Battle - 88 shot battery
1 Venom - 40 shot battery
1 Zip Zap - fan shaped 35 shot battery
1 Star Gazer - 25 shot battery
1 Cosmic Dust - 25 shot battery
1 Plotters Keg - 23 shot battery
2 Stalagmite cones
Portfires (x10) Firework Lighters

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