Kimbolton Candle Pack

Kimbolton Candle Pack

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These batteries are of excellent quality and are ideal for the smaller display. The pots in this pack produce in excess of 600 projectiles. 10 pots of large 18mm eruption candles:

x1 Crackling Bombard (42 shot)
x1 Multicolour Bombard (42 shot)
x1 White Strobe Bombard (42 shot)
x1 Crackle Comets (70 shot)
x1 Orange/whistle/r/sil/crkl (70 shot)
x1 Purple/Blue/Silver/Crackle (70 shot)
x1 Red/White & Blue (70 shot)
x1 Twilight Glitter to Green (70 shot)
x1 Twilight Glitter to Red (70 shot)
x1 Yellow (70 shot)
Portfires (x10) Firework Lighters

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