Candles & Mines Pack

Candles & Mines Pack

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For added variety, this pack contains a mix of aerial firing Roman candles and 75mm Mines. This is a great pack containing a wide variety of effects, some with noise and aerial bursts, to complement any display where the budget will perhaps not allow for separate Roman candle or mine packs.

5 75mm Mines
x1 Gold Brocade
x1 Multi-Colour
x1 Purple to Twilight Glitter
x1 Red to Crackling
x1 Silver Cascade
6 Pots of Large 18mm Eruption Candles
x1 Crackling Bombard (42 shot)
x1 White Strobe Bombard (42 shot)
x1 Orange/whistle/r/sil/crkl (70 shot)
x1 Purple/Blue/Silver/Crackle (70 shot)
x1 Red/White & Blue (70 shot)
x1 Twilight Glitter to Red (70 shot)
Portfires (x10) Firework Lighters

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