Mail Order Display Packs

Kimbolton Fireworks have used our considerable expertise to create a range of self-fire display packs that are available direct through mail order. Kimbolton Fireworks self-fire packs comprise a range of high quality fireworks which are sourced worldwide for their performance, colour and effects. Whatever the size of your display, we can provide you with fireworks that will make your night a spectacular and memorable occasion.

IMPORTANT : Fireworks will not be sold to anyone under the apparent age of 18.

Our Story ...

About Kimbolton Fireworks

Reverend Ron Lancaster MBE founded Kimbolton Fireworks in a small workshop and continued his research in pyrotechnics for the firework industry. Little did he know that from those humble beginnings, his company would one day provide displays for occasions as grand as the handover of Hong Kong, St Patrick's Day, Dublin, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay and the Mayor of London’s New Years Eve Display, London Eye. In 2012, Kimbolton Fireworks were the Supplier of Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Displays (Ceremonies) to the London 2012 Games.

The company is still a family-run business and our passion for fireworks burns brightly. Today we are the only UK manufacturer of Display Fireworks marrying ongoing research and development with traditional methods to produce ever more exciting and unique fireworks.